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Our Team
Our Primary strength is our ability to understand the aspirations, need and potential of the youth. We work with a great Team Because:
“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
Company Profile
IIPT is a dynamic, multi-dimensional, transnational training & placement organization. We have evolved a unique blend of training programs ......
You know it very well that Indian Institute of Professional Training (IIPT) is celebrating its 12th year of 'Brand Excellence & Trust'. To mark this special occasion, IIPT has once again given a clarion call to all its old franchisees and even the new computer education institution operators all over India and invited them to join "Brand Success Wagon" to celebrate the occasion in a big way which coincides with a new boom in the IT industry, ready to take off India into an Information Super Power. For this, IIPT has offered an attractive offer and package, which now comes with a newly launched vigorous 'Business Support Infrastructure'.
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