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Our Team
Our Primary strength is our ability to understand the aspirations, need and potential of the youth. We work with a great Team Because:
“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
Company Profile
IIPT is a dynamic, multi-dimensional, transnational training & placement organization. We have evolved a unique blend of training programs ......
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Frequently Asked Questions
What am I expected to do as a IIPT franchise?

This business is a part of the most lucrative service sector - education - that involves services provided by IIPT to its students. The business liability involves providing quality education at par with the best in the industry. We do not need to give any guarantee for selection in any programme whatsoever.

Do I need to have a technical/teaching background?

IIPT has people from a vast variety of backgrounds; generally we are interested in people who have enthusiasm and are committed to providing exceptional service. Previous teaching or sales experience is an advantage but not necessary as IIPT provides a complete franchise training program. The venture you are evaluating is 100% business that involves all the traits of Entrepreneurship; rest is taken care off itself.

How much revenue can I generate as a IIPT franchise?

Almost unlimited!! This number will vary due to a number of variables and the risk is inherent of any business. No guarantees please! Yes. As the business grows, we will keep adding newer courses and modules to give you the maximum returns on your investment.

How much will I spend on Advertising?

The local level advertising expenditure is borne entirely by the IIPT Business partner. The IIPT-HQ does not participate in that. However, we will provide you with standard artworks, negatives, poster designs etc. We will also advise you about all the aspects local-level advertising. No charges for this counseling at all. We will indeed expect our Business Partner to spend enough to attract enough. Further specific details will be provided when you are selected by us as our business partner.

What type of training do I get?

IIPT provides an initial training programme for you and your team that includes all aspects like administrative & academic. We’ll train you in the operation of your business, to include:

  • Student Enquiry Handling System
  • Student Registration System
  • Teaching System
  • Test Conducting System
  • Test Feedback System
  • Study Material Ordering System
  • Business Partner – IIPT HQ Interaction System
  • Online Center Management System
  • Advertising & Promotion System
  • Office Maintenance System

  • In addition, we provide ongoing support through a manager. You will also attend ongoing training programmes throughout the year. And, of course, we are available 24/7 to answer any questions that may arise during your busy day.

    What kind of control & audit will be exercised by IIPT?

    This prime objective of this programme is to ensure uniformity in delivery across the board. Without these systems, your business will never be organized. Take our word for it. In this ruthlessly competitive world, unless you are having well-structured systems that can run by themselves, there aren’t any ways you can succeed. IIPT will make sure that your systems are in place & quality is being delivered though regular audits & visits.

    How do I find a location?

    IIPT must approve all locations. In order to simplify the process, we provide guidelines site selection so you know what you are looking for and how to find it. IIPT authorized center must be designed in a way that reflects the image of IIPT. It should be creating a positive impact in minds of the customers.

    Is there any scheme for refunding of the Licensing Fee or the Royalty at any stage?

    No. There is no provision for refunds of any nature whatsoever. Please understand carefully that our proposal is only for those who wish to stay in this business for a very long period of time (say, at least 10 years). For fly-by- night operators, we hardly have any scope.

    How much investment is required?

    Let us discuss this when we speak to each other; much would depend upon the area and the programmes you will be interested in. For you to have an idea you will be investing in licensing fee & royalty apart from the investment on infrastructure; which will all together range between 3 – 8 Lacs.

    I am definitely interested in pursuing a IIPT franchise. What is my next step?

    Please go to the online application and submit it to IIPT. We will then assess your qualifications and contact you to discuss the next step in the process. You should feel absolutely free to call us at any time. There is no better time than now to complete the application.

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